Siding Installation Rockland


If you’re a homeowner in Rockland or Westchester County, NY, you’ll have a hard time finding a siding company with a better experience than Extreme Precision Construction Corp.

Home Painting Stony Point NY


Are you looking for home painting services in Rockland? Extreme Precision Construction Corp is one of the most skilled and experienced exterior painting service providers in Rockland, NY.

Flooring Installation Stony Point NY


Are you looking for floor installation in Rockland, NY? If yes, we have got you covered. At Extreme Precision Construction Corp., we offer all flooring services.

Bathroom Renovation Rockland


Some people are obsessed with bathrooms. And why not? For them, the bathroom is the place to relax and get rid of all the tension and stress.


Extreme Precision Construction Corp is your one-stop solution for all your kitchen remodeling needs if you are looking for professional kitchen remodeling services.



If you have some leftover space in from of your house, why not set up a deck there? Decks are wooden structures that add lavishness and luxury to your home.

Additions & Remodelling

Additions & Remodelling

House additions are one of the best ways to use spaces that are not in use. If you have unused spaces on your property, get in touch to get it remodelled



Are you looking for basement renovation services in Rockland, NY? If so, Extreme Precision Construction Corp has got you covered. Our basement renovation services will give a complete makeover.

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